Cash is King!? Money… the perfect gift?


Holiday shoppers know all too well about the endless and often exhausting search for the perfect Christmas gift.  Such a search most often surrounds that one stickler on everyone’s holiday shopping list, the person who seemingly has it all and annually proves puzzling to shop for.

While the popularity of online retailers has helped frazzled shoppers avoid long lines at the mall and crowded parking lots, it’s still hard to find the perfect gift for that enigmatic friend or family member.   Perhaps you shouldn’t overlook cold hard cash.  Money might seem impersonal, but it carries far less of a stigma when people need cash.  Times can be tough; few people are in a position to scoff at a few extra dollars come the holiday season.  For the person who has everything already, money might just make the perfect gift.

Rather than giving a wad of cash or even a personal check, securing cash in one of our classy money-clips might be the way to go.  Engraving a money clip with the recipient’s name or a “Don’t spend this all in one place” message is the added personalized touch.  Or what about a wallet with an engravable metal plate? Here are a few designs to consider.  Click here to see more options.



Can you ever go wrong giving cash? Will these personalized money clips & wallets help make the option of giving cash a little more classy?  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.