Office gifts – To buy for the boss? Co-workers? or even a Secret Santa?


Gift for the bossTo buy for the boss or not?  A simple bottle of wine or something more extravagant?  Will it help you get a promotion? Will you look like a brown-noser?  These are tough political questions.  Sometimes finese is needed in buying your boss a holiday gift. Christmas is a great time of year to buy your boss a gift without it looking too “suspeicious” or as if you have ulterior motives (even if you do).  Hey, let’s face it, you’re buying gifts for tonnes of people already, why not the boss too?  who knows where it might get you.

Also, what about co-workers?  Or the inter-office secret Santa. Those can be fun.


Here some office-gift-giving suggestions for your boss or co-workers to get you started:


Office Set
Love your boss or co-worker? You can't go wrong with this office gift set. Totally engravable. Click pic to buy.

Memo Pad
Simple, useful, and personalized. Perfect for boss, co-worker, or secret santa. Click pic to buy.

Engrave this chrome compass and paperweight with co-workers name. Click pic to buy.

Desk Clock
Boss of the year? Manager of the decade? Engrave this clock any way you like. Click pic to buy.

Inspired yet? Do you still need more ideas? We have over 100 office-type gifts on our website. Click to see more.

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