Sharon Celebrates 25 Years with Things Engraved



We would like to Recognize Sharon Brayton, who is celebrating 25 Years of working at Things Engraved this month. Sharon started part time as an employee of Sears Keys and Engraved Gifts Department located in Sears at 1000 Island Mall in Brockville in August 1990!   Shortly after she started, there was an opening for store manager and Sharon applied and got the job. As the new manager, Sharon was very successful at taking over the location and making it work.

In 2003, the company decided to depart from Sears, at this location, and moved to a kiosk in the same mall, and our store name would now change to Things Engraved. Sharon was excited about the move, instead of being in Sears, she would be right in the middle of everything! She was looking so forward getting a brand new bigger store, and of course a larger selection of product to fill it.

Sharon is in this location to this day. If you walk by our kiosk you can see her, with her big smile, ready to welcome you and help you in selecting that special gift and engraving it. Sharon is always up for the challenge! Over the years, she has more than satisfied her customers with her engraving accomplishments, let alone her unique engraving of swords, daggers, pool cues and her most recent success was a pair of deer antlers. She’s always ready to engrave those hard-to engrave gifts for customers!

[pullquote width=”600″ float=”center”]My favourite time of year is Christmas! I love the hustle and bustle of it all. I love making customers happy and seeing them with a smile really seals the deal for me![/pullquote]

Over the years, Sharon has grown strong relationships with employees who have moved on and customers, who still drop by and say hello. She comments she never wants to retire, she loves what she is doing and even misses the store when she goes on vacation!

We thank Sharon for her many years of service and hope there is many more to come!