The Sheer Joy and Fun of Custom Dog Products


Customizing dog products can add a touch of personality and comfort to your furry friend’s life. Just like humans, dogs have their own unique preferences and needs.

Custom Dog Tags for Safety

These custom Canadian engraved dog tags allow you to include vital information such as your dog’s name, your contact details, and any pertinent medical information or special needs your dog may have. This ensures that if your dog ever goes missing, anyone who finds them can quickly and easily contact you, increasing the likelihood of a swift reunion. 

We all know dogs that are escape artists, that jump fences or dig under them.  That run out the door with the slightest opportunity.  Dogs that see a squirrel at the dog park and take a little too long coming back.

Black and White Boston Terrier sits on a Blue and White Striped, Black Custom Dog Bed, with white embroidery for the dog name. The dog is also wearing a pink and black plaid bandana with custom embroidered name, reading 'Olivia'.
Olivia the boston terrier showcases her custom dog bed & dog bandana for Things Engraved Canada.

What is the Best Kind of Dog Tag?

Whether you’re looking for fashion, or function, you can choose the dog tag accordingly.  If you want a fun shape, and gorgeous colour, you’ll want to look at the dog bone or dog paw options.  If you’re looking for function, or don’t want anything dangly, you can check out the slide on dog tag options.  They come in both small and large sizes, and may be the better option if you have a dog who scratches, or squeezes themselves into tight spaces!

Dog Fashionistas

Another option if you’re looking for fashion, or if your dog hates wearing a collar, is a custom bandana with their name embroidered.  Firstly, your good dogs will look stunning in these fun patterns, but they’re also comfortable. Your dogs will look so adorable. These plaid patterns will give your dogs a boost of confidence and charm.

Whether for glamour or safety, customizing your dogs tag, bandana, bowl or bed is just FUN!