23 things you will likely do at least once this year


23 things you will do at least once this year without having to make a list

Although years seemingly go by at blurring speed where only certain events are memorable, there are a handful of activities nearly everyone does over the course of a typical year. Here are some things that you can count on doing at least once this year.

1. Sing/Hear/Hum “Auld, Lang Syne”

2. Cheer for your favorite Super Bowl team

checklist3. Send a Valentine

4. Drink green beer

5. File income tax paperwork

6. Celebrate a birthday

7. Get a dental cleaning

8. Get a physical

9. Swim in a pool or body of water

10. See a fireworks display

11. Attend a sporting event

12. Plant flowers

13. Mow the lawn

14. Go out for ice cream

15. Rake leaves

16. Eat turkey

17. Purchase gifts

18. Take a vacation

19. Give a car an oil change

20. Be shocked by a TV series season cliffhanger

21. Get a cold

22. Decorate the home

23. Make a resolution



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