Trish Celebrates 25 Years with Things Engraved


25TrishThings Engraved would like to recognize Trish Dietrich for 25 years of service and commitment to the company!  Trish celebrates her 25th anniversary on August 20, 2015 and so she started at the company back in 1990.  Trish was hired directly out of college, where she completed a marketing diploma.  Her first role for us was as a marketing assistant for “House of Knives.”  House of Knives was a sister company of Things Engraved and the two companies amalgamated soon after Trish started.  Trish remembers the early days working here where there was a lot of support staff as everything had to be done on type-writers and they had staff dedicated to typing up memos!  How things have changed!  Now everything is done through emails that we write ourselves! 🙂

Trish quickly moved from a marketing assistant role into a buying role where she started buying products for Things Engraved and House of Knives.  Trish even met her sweetheart here.  Dean worked in the warehouse and the two of them co-planned several inter-company baseball games.  They dated for a few years and they were married in 1994.  Dean left the company a couple of years after they married and Trish moved into a merchandising role following the birth of their first child.  Recently, Trish has been straddling both buying and merchandising departments and is enjoying the extra challenges and growth.

Over the years, organizing social events and Christmas parties has been a highlight of Trish’s experience with Things Engraved.  She feels these social events have helped people work better together on a daily basis.  Trish says the best part about working here is the size of the company.

[pullquote width=”500″ float=”center”]I really like that it’s a big enough company to matter but it’s a small enough company that you can still start a project and see it through to completion.  I like being involved in all the aspects of seeing a new product be designed, manufactured, merchandised into stores, and being sold to happy customers. At larger companies you don’t get to be involved in all these aspects so I really like the size of our company. [/pullquote]

Trish brings a tonne of experience (25 years!) to our head office team.  She’s very familiar with past products; in fact you could say she’s kind of the product encyclopedia around here!  Trish is friendly and always welcoming to new-comers.  We are lucky to have such a loyal and caring employee working for us and we Thank You Trish for your years of dedication to our company.