Wedding Gift Giving Tips



When do I give the couple their wedding gift?

The best time might be at the wedding, if you were invited and if you plan on attending. If there is a reason you aren’t going to the wedding or your gift is too big to deliver at the wedding itself, you can deliver, or have the gift delivered, before the wedding. Some say you have up to one year to gift a bride and groom a wedding gift. That seems like a long time to me.


Is cash an appropriate wedding gift?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Yes, couples starting their new lives together can always use cash and weddings and honeymoons can be expensive. So cash gifts are often welcome. But how personal is a gift of cash? In addition, there is no “right” amount to give so this becomes a challenge. The expectation/customs surrounding giving money also varies by culture so keep that in mind if you’re considering giving cash as a wedding gift.


Does the wedding gift have to equal the value of the meal at the reception?

Probably not although this might be a good guideline to use if you have no idea how much to spend. If the reception is at the nicest venue in town where the meal will be $100 per plate that sets a certain expectation. However, wedding guests should only buy a wedding gift based on their personal financial situation, how close they are to the bride and groom, and the distance they had to travel for the wedding. Not everyone is a filthy rich Uncle Bob!

Canadian Living reports that “the industry average is between $100 and $150 per guest”. Does this seem right to you?


Do I have to choose a gift from the wedding registry?

This seems to be a common question in the reading I’ve done and the consensus seems to be “no.” It is suggested that you use the bridal registry as a guideline to what types of gifts the couple needs and what style preferences they have. But then you can take that information and choose something of your own liking. You can always include a gift receipt so the couple can return the gift for something else they need or want if you are worried about straying too far from the registry.


Are group gifts appropriate?

Sure! If you want to pool your money with other people in your family or a group of friends to buy a bigger gift that you cannot afford on your own, than a group gifts is a great way to go. Ideally you’ll want the gift to be bigger and more expensive than what one couple would give on their own so as not to appear cheap. It’s all about appearances right?


What makes the “best” wedding gifts?

Well, here at Things Engraved we believe that an engraved gift creates a lasting memory. Sure, you can buy the couple something they need from their bridal registry but will they remember that you were the ones who gave them that stand mixer or that cappuccino machine? Probably not. When you choose a personal gift, you will remain in the newlyweds’ minds and hearts every time they see or use the gift you give them. When they look at that engraved wedding album with their names and wedding date engraved on the front, filled with the photos from their special day, they will also think about you and what you mean to them. Hey, if they invited you to their wedding, you obviously are an important part of their life somehow, right? In addition to the tips above, consider gifting a personalized gift the next time you’re invited to a wedding.

Do you have any extra tips we missed on finding and giving wedding gifts?

From Your Things Engraved Social Team