Create the Most Personal Gift with Photo Engraving


Gift cards, clothing, tools, accessories and home decor are all great gifts for any occasion.    They are useful and/or practical gifts.  But gift giving isn’t meant to always be practical!  If you think about a favourite gift that you’ve received it’s most likely one that was sentimental, had special meaning and perhaps something that you would not have thought to buy (or make) for yourself.   It’s always great getting those shoes that you’ve had your eye on for your Birthday, but there will always be a pair of shoes you like!

This year, “Wow!” your friends and family with the most personal gift ever!

Take a favourite photo:

A picture of your baby's footprint.
A picture of their baby’s footprint.

Then, select a  Pendant or Keychain from our website.

And you’ll get…..

The Most Personal Gift Ever!
A personalized pendant with a favourite photo!

The most personal gift ever!

Order your photo engraved pendant today!

photo engraving bike example