Holiday gifts for your gal. Just ask yourself 2 questions….



Alright guys, now is your chance… your chance to step-up to the plate and give your girlfriend or wife a holiday gift with some thought put behind it. Before resorting to buying the lady in your life another candle set or beauty spa gift certificate, let’s stop and talk about this for a moment. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Keep the end goal in mind

We know that shopping for gifts is not exciting for many men. But let’s keep the end goal in mind. What is the point of gift giving? To make the recipient happy. Besides, just imagine the extra brownie points you could earn by finding her the perfect gift (wink wink). Keep your eye on the prize boys, eye on the prize.

What do women really want?

You can’t read her mind and unless she’s been giving you less-than-subtle hints about what she wants for Christmas, you probably have no idea what to get her.  And if you do have ideas you may be asking yourself, will she really like that?

Female Insight

Let me give you some insight into a women’s mind, I am a woman so I can help here by giving you some female insight. We women like meaningful gifts. Meaningful means we want a gift that you put effort into choosing and that has some type of significance. A gift card does not have meaning. It’s unlikely a scarf and glove set has meaning for us. Nor do new slippers, chocolates, or new dishes. These are gifts that we enjoy receiving from our grandmothers; not our lovers! We want to feel special and we want to feel like you put thought into choosing our gift.

Ask Yourself 2 Questions

First ask yourself, generally, what does my gal like? Is it jewlery? Pictures? Keep-sakes? Once you’ve got yourself a list of things that make your girl smile, think about how you can make that special and meaningful? Can you buy a version of the item that she doesn’t have yet (like to complete a collection)? Can you have the item personalized in some special way?

You can’t go wrong!

If you’re already buying her something you know she likes, you can’t go wrong. However, by adding that personalized and meaningful touch is what will really push your gift over the edge. If you can find the perfect meaningful gift for your gal it’ll make her smile, and making her happy is the point of buying her a gift in the first place, right? Take my advice, for the lady in your life, choose a gift with meaning.

Ideas to get you started:
Heart Necklace
Personlized this heart necklace with her name.Click to buy.

Beaded Silver Jewlery Box
Your gal will love this beaded silver jewelry box with her name on it. Click to buy.
Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
Make this heart shaped jewelry box into a meaningful gift by adding your own engraved words. Click to buy.

heart keepsake box
Thoughtful Bling - Engrave any personalized message. Click to buy.


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