International BACON Day – September 5th 2015


Before you ask, yes, this is apparently a real thing, although admittedly it’s unclear how it’s celebrated. BUT when my fast fingered googling for fun fall stuff to do accidentally happened upon this little nugget of fun, I was intrigued. I mean, come on, its BACON!

That is all one needs to say, am I right?

I know, there are tons of these “National/World Day of…” things, and some of them are down right weird. BUT, how can bacon be weird, I ask?

It isn’t (silly question).

How about some fun International Bacon Day FACTS, just to add a little legitimacy to this whole thing, in case you need in an argument for your boss to get a stat day off work to eat bacon or something:

  • Bacon Day began in 2004 by a group of university graduate students as a distraction from exams (uh, oh, that puts our quest for believability in question right there).
  • Bacon Day revelers are known to have social gatherings where much bacon is consumed.

Um, that is pretty much all I could find.

BUT I did find a blog post from CNN, so if THAT makes your International Bacon Day more of a real deal then here is the link to prove it to whoever you are trying to convince: CNN Makes Bacon Day Real By Talking About It. I should write headlines for a living…maybe CNN will see that link and get in touch. I won’t hold my breath. I WILL have some bacon though.

Bacon is having a hay-day among foodies these days, and it’s being incorporated in to all kinds of foods (sitting on a plate beside fried eggs is just not enough anymore). The weirdest bacon things I have eaten was chocolate covered bacon and bacon jam on some sort of crostini bread (both were delicious by the way). Here is a link to 10 unique bacon recipes for you to try (and yes, there is chocolate covered bacon AND bacon jam!): Lifehack Bacon Recipes

We are VERY excited about International Bacon Day! We hope you enjoy your salty, protein treats.

From your Things Engraved Social Team

Well, not ALL of us are so keen on this bacon observance.


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