It is inevitable at this time of year – our thoughts turn to thinking about the year just ending, and how we are going to make the NEW year even better. We often make resolutions about ‘fixing’ something about ourselves. Messaging around us is all about how we need to better ourselves this time of year.  For example, driving to work today, I heard these three kinds of radio ads during almost every commercial break:

1.      weight loss and/or gym memberships

2.      debt management, bankruptcy help

3.      trip deals to sunny destinations

Ok, maybe that last one sounds good. I could use a beach right now!  Losing weight, working out, and paying down debts are the top choices for New Year’s resolutions.  However, we tend to set ourselves up for failure from the beginning.

Resolutions are great if you are able to set your goals realistically, plan for them, and execute that plan. I find this type of goal setting to be difficult to implement.  So I have chosen to work on my goals in another way. Instead of making resolutions, I chose a word-of-the-year that represents something I would like to focus on for the year. The word represents a feeling, behaviour, or personal characteristic, rather than a fixed, arbitrary goal like losing weight or hitting the gym four times a week.  It’s just one word to create a focus for the whole year.

Your word-of-the-year can be worked into each day in small ways until it is part of your behaviour, mindset, and decision making. Most importantly as you focus on your one word in this way it becomes part of your purposeful actions.  You make decisions with clarity towards your focus word, resulting in success!

Instead of ‘get skinny and work out every day’, you could focus on:

Any one of those words could encourage you to make small, incremental choices that would move you towards a health and fitness goal or a financial goal. For example, if you choose ‘patience’ as your word, and practice it every-day, you will always be moving in a loving way to your goal. Practicing ‘patience’ can also impact your relationships with others, your career pursuits, AND your financial goals. In every way, this word can permeate your days, and you can’t help but make progress.

I have used this concept for three years now and I am in LOVE with it! For 2017, I choose ‘Strive’ as my word and that helped me to remember to always put forth more effort, to stretch and challenge myself. I tried a lot of new things in 2017 and I grew a lot in unexpected ways.  Part of ‘striving’ was learning about new ways of thinking, and on that journey, I encountered the concept of ‘Memento Mori.’ That is what I have chosen for my 2018 word-of-the-year. It basically means, ‘remember you are going to die’.

A bit morbid sounding perhaps? But truthfully, it is the opposite. The concept is the encouragement to reflect on mortality, our limited time here in this life, and to make it all count. To not waste time on things that don’t matter. To double down on the important stuff.  It’s “YOLO,” as the kids would say, “you only live once.”  For me, this word-of-the-year encourages me to assess everything I spend my time and emotional energy on to be sure that it is the best way I can be spending my unknown amount of life that remains.

Each year, I have engraved my word onto a piece of jewellery that I can wear and have a constant, physical reminder to consider how to incorporate it into each day. Below is my choice of jewellery for 2018 – one of our Rembrandt charms on a sterling silver chain. The skull design on the back was added because often the ‘memento mori’ phrase is engraved into tombs, grave sites and in places of spiritual reflection dating back to the middle ages with skulls and skeletons. The skull reminds us that it’s not just symbolically imperative to consider our own mortality.

Things Engraved Rembrandt Charm

If this idea of choosing a word of the year sounds like something you would like to try, then your first (and most difficult) task is to CHOOSE a word. The word should be based on how you want to act, feel or behave in life. Focusing on just ONE thing at a time, helps you to build up habits and have experiences that reinforce the learning and growth.

Here are a few words that might fit for you:

I hope that you find this word-of-the-year an interesting alternative to the traditional New Year’s resolution idea and that you can have some fun with it.  Also be kind to yourself while you work towards integrating your word into your daily life. It can be challenging but it doesn’t have to “BE” successful. Any regular attempt at growth is the important part of the journey.

All the best to you in 2018; make it a good one!

Memories on Display – Engraved Christmas Tree Ornaments


So here’s the thing.  I LOVE Christmas.  Not only do I love it, but since the dawn of time…well, my time anyways, the very mention of Christmas has conjured up nostalgia so intense that I’m overwhelmed by the memories of times long ago.  I think of traditions.  I think of family gatherings, seeing faces light up as gifts were opened and before all of that, decorating the tree with my parents while the Carpenters crooned their Christmas Portrait in the background.  Ahhhh the tree.  The tree, in all of its glory, covered in twinkling lights and tinsel and bobbles and decorations of all sorts, the star the crowned jewel peering down from the top.

I don’t know what Christmas memories are close to your heart, but personally I relish the moments of unwrapping carefully packed ornaments, each specific to a time and place with memories all their own.  I have dozens upon dozens, an ornament and a memory to go with it.  Some make me laugh, some make me thoughtful, some bring a tear to my eye, but they all make me smile.  There’s the Merry Mice that from years of wear are no longer fuzzy, the one half of a pair of turtle doves whose counterpart hangs on the tree belonging to best friends in England, the Santa hat-wearing basketball from when my dad and I road-tripped to Indiana and, most recently the two new ornaments that will adorn my tree this year, the Big Sister and Little Sister ornaments I’ve personalized for my daughters.

The Christmas tree, to me, is a collection of memories hung on display for a brief period of time.  In their shiny surfaces we remember Christmases gone by, we relive the magic and wonder of our childhood Christmases and we build memories for future generations.  What a special gift it will be this year to share this experience with my little ones.  I’m hoping that they will eventually grow to love this tradition as much as I do.

Opening engraved ornaments year after year takes your tree decorating party to the next level of sentimentality and nostaglia.

To purchase, visit our website to view our full collection.

Engraved Wallet Cards


Imagine opening your wallet and seeing this everyday…

I mean…wow… that would be a feel good moment every single time!

Our engraved wallet cards are SO versatile and there are many ways they can be used for a gift; something fun, romantic, practical or inspiring perhaps?

They make a great gift for someone that is hard to buy for. We all have that person in our lives that we would love to remind how important they are to us every minute of every day, but other gift options like jewellery or pocket watches may not be a good fit for them.

Instead, keep it simple and give them a personalized wallet card!

Let them take your love wherever they go by simply sliding the bank card sized plate into their wallet for a reminder every time they open it!

For example, a customer ordered a card to give to her father. It read “You mean the world to me. You’ve helped me in ways I didn’t know were possible. You have made me who I am today. I love you Dad!” Now, even when they are apart, he will be reminded of his daughter’s love each and every day.

The possibilities are endless; a wallet card can carry a sentiment to help remember the life of a loved one or pet who have passed away. Give one to your children to remind them you’re always with them, or even a note to yourself to help you get through the day.

Here are just a few more ideas:

  • love note for a wedding day
  • celebrate long distance relationships, such as a deployment or working in different parts of the world
  • medical information
  • contact information
  • meaningful spiritual passages or quotes
  • encouragement for a student away at school
  • bucket lists – imagine putting all the places you are going to travel
  • daily mantras and affirmations
  • the names of the most important people to you, as a reminder of why you do what you do everyday

Whatever it may be, a personalized wallet card is convenient, timeless and easy to give, easy to carry gift that is a daily reminder of the important things in our lives.

From your Things Engraved Social Team

The possibilities for giving an engraved wallet card are ENDLESS!

To purchase, visit our website or find it in a store near you.








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