Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt – Daily Clues


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To participate in the Things Engraved Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt please enter the contest through Facebook.

Today’s Clue:  Share with us your favourite Father’s Day gift from Things Engraved! 

June 12th: We gave away 3 of these special tools last week!

June 11th: Is your dad a Calgary Flames fan?  He can show his support for his favourite team with this great beer mug!

June 10th: This gift is picture perfect for the cat loving dad.

June 9th:Does your dad have an iPad?  Help him protect it and personalize it with this great gift!

June 8th: This case is full of essentials for any cigar connoisseur!

June 7th: This lighter is perfect for any Jack Daniels fan!

June 6th: Does your dad love cars?  He’ll love waking up with this alarm clock!

June 5th: This lighter is just for Toronto Maple Leaf Fans.

June 4th: We gave away 3 of these special lighters last week to 3 lucky winners!

June 3rd:Sometimes playing cards is more fun with a drink! 

June 2nd: Is your dad a Montreal Canadiens fan?  He can show his support for his favourite team with this beer mug!

June 1st: Help your dad remember to take his vitamins with this small box.

May 31st: This beer glass is perfect for any hockey fan!  Have it engraved with his favourite team!

May 30th: Does your Dad love his iPhone?  Help him protect it with this great gift idea!

May 29th: We gave away 3 of these beer glasses last week to our first 3 winners!

May 28th: Does your Dad rock?  Whether he plays electric or acoustic he’ll never lose this guitar pick!

May 27th: Don’t forget your Grandpa on Father’s Day!  This special gift will remind him of your special times together every time he looks at his keys!

May 26th Clue: Is it a bottle opener or a pocket watch?  It’s both!

May 25th Clue: Golf with your dad? With these glasses you can enjoy a drink together, even if you’d rather be golfing.

May 24th Clue: This gift will let your dad show his support for the Toronto Maple Leafs while enjoying his morning coffee. 

May 23rd Clue:This is a great gift for the King of the Grill!

May 22nd Clue: This stemless glass is great for the Dad that enjoys his beverage of choice in an old fashioned glass.

May 21st Clue: Does your Dad need post it notes to remember when Tee Time is?  This desk set may help!

May 20th Clue: Tick Tock lots of watches can fit in this box.

May 19th  Clue: This is a great alternative to a Wallet. Personalize this gift with an engraving; however this gift was made just for Dads.

May 18th Clue: This Father’s Day gift is great for the golf lover. The golf ball and golf club may bring your Dad some luck when looking for his keys!

May 17th Clue: Some may confuse this as being an upside down beer bottle.

May 16th Clue: Scottish kilts are not the only thing that look good in Tartan.

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